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January 26, 2021

Interview with Ricardo, Co-founder and CEO @ Heptasense

Yes, our second interview is out! This time we had the pleasure to talk with Ricardo Santos, Co-founder and CEO at Heptasense. Here are the main […]
December 6, 2020

The Innovator’s Method: #3 Solution

In the third stage of The Innovator’s Method, we are focused on defining our solution. By this we mean defining our solution’s value proposition, which describes how we add value to our clients. After having this, performing an initial validation with potential customers, and mapping the solution functionalities, we are ready to prototype a Minimum Awesome Product, which visually illustrates our solution’s critical features. 
November 22, 2020

The Innovator’s Method: #2 Problem

After gathering relevant insights in the first stage of The Innovator’s Method, it’s time to move on to the second stage of this process: Problem. At this point, our main goal is to discover the jobs-to-be-done. This means focusing on finding the customer’s pains and needs, and understanding what are the tasks and activities a user needs to perform to achieve a certain goal. In the end, the expected outcome is to define a problem statement or design challenge, after synthesising all the observations from your potential users.
November 14, 2020

The Innovator’s Method: #1 Insight

Insight is the first stage of The Innovator’s Method. The main goal of this stage is to gather relevant insights by looking at the world around you, identifying issues and problems, understanding why they are happening, and questioning during the entire process.
November 6, 2020

The Innovator’s Method: in which stage are you in?

We’re starting this article with a story about a business that was under a high uncertainty and market pressure. Due to this, they radically changed the […]
October 22, 2020

Interview #1: How to sail the seas of startup development in the Lisbon ecosystem

Welcome to the first SYU interview series! Our main goal with these interview series is to share experiences, success factors, tips and best practices from entrepreneurs, […]